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Science-backed learnings + down-to-earth exercises = Thriving teams and business


PEAC stands for Passionate, Empowered, Authentic and Compassionate, which is not only who we are, but what our clients feel after our work together.


We care, deeply, about people and helping them feel and be their best, at home and at work. Through our studies in Neuroscience of Change, foundations of Positive Psychology, science of well-being and health optimisation, we offer services and programmes designed to help individuals thrive.


We deliver training world-wide and are proud partners to a growing list of clients including, Netflix, Universal Pictures, Disney, award-winning fintech Sonovate, Tropic skincare, Wandsworth schools and De Monfort University.



Fleur and Lucia are passionate about bringing the best out of us. Whether this is by making teams soar or infusing a zest for life back in their clients, their framework provides a safe space to explore and grow.  They engage, educate and empower, resulting in better quality of work and life.


Fleur Prime is a life coach like no other. As a Mum of three she is a highly skilled expert who blends her 20 years of working in education with a deep intuition and empathy to help transform the lives of others. Through a unique blend of education principles, holistic psychology, health optimisation and neuroscience Fleur is helping people, children and teenagers rebuild the relationship they have with themselves, to help them lead a happier more fulfilled life.

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Lucia is a Happiness Coach and an experienced Marketeer with a 20-year award-winning career.


Her deep understanding of the fast-paced corporate world combined with her expertise in happiness and optimal well-being, helps her not only understand the challenges of living on autopilot, but create a safe space and bespoke coaching sessions designed for individuals to both thrive and revive in life.


"If you are feeling stuck in the hamster wheel that sometimes becomes life, if you are stuck or struggling to find motivation or energy or you have forgotten the reason why you do what you do daily… this course is for you.

Fleur and Lucia run this course with passion and love. I have definitely got my MOJO back and met some wonderful women along the way, who are all feeling more confident and focused, and ready for whatever 2021 throws at us!!!"

Elise Lockyer




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Welcome to Life Made Better!
A podcast hosted by Fleur and Lucia, coaches with a zest for life and for improving the lives of others.
They both truly believe that everyone can live a happy fulfilled life and are on a quest to shift mindsets and perspectives to make this happen.

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