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We founded We are PEAC out of passion and our will to help individuals and businesses thrive.

Offering life changing services where we harness our 20+ years of work creating social impact and creative work in fast-paced global corporations with Positive Psychology, Neuroscience of Change, Science of Happiness, health optimisation and transformational embodiment to deliver remarkable results. We are continually improving our knowledge and developing our skills as part of a global master coaching program.

Our deep understanding of the corporate and teaching world helps us develop bespoke immersive programs, including private coaching sessions, corporate courses and workshops, as well as transformational retreats, we work with organisations to drive people’s improvement, from the top down and the bottom up.



With over 20 years’ experience in education and leading educators and as a qualified life coach, Fleur Prime is a highly skilled expert offering a transformational set of services. By blending her teaching skills with Holistic Psychology, Health Optimisation, Coaching Leaders, Embodied Transformation and Neuroscience of Change, Fleur has created a truly unique coaching offering which delivers remarkable results. Fleur’s work is rooted in science and behaviour change which she pairs with her unique gifts of empathy and deep intuition. By helping people rebuild the relationship they have with themselves she is helping people to lead a happier more fulfilled life.


Fleur works with a variety of people including Adults, Teenagers and Children. Whether you are a CEO or Entrepreneur looking for guidance to reduce stress and increase productivity or a Woman who may have lost themselves Fleur is here to support you. As a Mum of three, Fleur is finely tuned into the complexities and pressures modern day lives brings to the youth of today and she offers a special set of services to help struggling Children and Teenagers and their families.

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Lucia’s background as an experienced Marketeer with a 20-year award-winning career leading herself and others provides her with a deep understanding of the fast-paced corporate world. Combined with her studies in Science of Wellbeing, Embodied Transformation, Coaching Leaders and the foundations of Positive Psychology, helps her not only understand the challenges of nowadays living, but how to create bespoke coaching sessions designed for individuals to both thrive and revive in life.

Lucia is described as creative, passionate, energetic and someone who gets things done, no matter how challenging.

She works with a variety of people, from CEOs, Founders and leadership teams to managers and entrepreneurs. Although she helps with a wide range or areas, she is particularly passionate about helping others understand themselves better, discover their strengths and skillset and learn how to connect with their bodies and brains to unlock their potential.

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