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I saw Fleur at a time of extreme challenge. The demands of my job were taking over with a detrimental effect on my health and wellbeing. I was exhausted, unhappy and I missed my children. I didn’t know how, or where, to begin to make things better. Fleur was friendly and approachable and immediately put me at ease. She used a suite of practical tools to stimulate the conversation and help me crystalize my thinking. It helped me see that my values were at odds with the values of the person I was working for. This level of clarity helped me get to the root of the problem and make positive changes at work.”

Anna Global Business Director BT

Lucía Paredes is an exceptional coach. She’s been close and empathetic, easily approaching the situation I was facing in a very professional manner.

As a good coach, she’s known how to guide me and join me in this journey, making me question some aspects I wouldn’t have thought considering otherwise. She’s also paired the sessions with some exercises that have helped me getting to know myself better.

I would recommend Lucia as a coach without a doubt Ana del Saz, Media Director

one 2 one


I just generally found this so insightful and almost life changing. It opened up my eyes to thinking maybe I have had this throughout life and didn't realise what it was. I feel so much more confident about life now and want it to take it by the horns!

Anonymous, Universal Pictures' Imposter Syndrome

I think it was one of the best sessions on IS I heard that went beyond "just believe in yourself". I liked the science backing the speakers statements and the practical bits that allowed to share our experience with other attendees

Anonymous, Universal Pictures' Imposter Syndrome

Lucia was wonderful to work with, and she delivered a motivated, forward thinking webinar which was informative, easy to understand and showed knowledge in her field.

Lots of employees said it was the kind of positive talk they needed during lockdown. I am looking forward to working with Lucia again on future workshops.

Nadia, Universal Pictures

"As, like many other businesses, NBCUniversal hit the six-month mark working remotely we felt that it was really important for the Women’s Network to start supporting one another to not just survive but Thrive in our personal and professional lives. With this in mind we booked Lucia and Fleur to host an event for us centred on this.

Lucia and Fleur curated an interactive workshop for us called Empowered to Thrive’ which provided techniques and tools that helped us re-connect with our minds, body and heart. The feedback from our employees was unanimous; we all came away feeling like we were no longer just surviving, but thriving.

If you are looking for support in re-focusing for the future then I could not recommend booking Lucia and Fleur highly enough."

Alison Mathers Director, Executive Search & Chair, International Women’s Network




I found the course to be brilliant, and I think everyone should have the opportunity to do it!

I thought the two of you together form a great partnership. You work together really well and your presenting/teaching skills really compliment each other.

The content of the course was also really strong. I didn't find it too content heavy, but it also wasn't wishy-washy (!), which meant the course was really engaging and focussed on the right areas of development. I managed to make some really strong notes that I refer back to quite often throughout the tough parts of my week, which have been really useful.

The podcasts, apps and other reading material have also been super helpful for me. Between the sessions, these really kept me focussed on the purpose of the course, and the changes I want to make to my every day in order to get out of survival mode. They helped to keep the learning up, and for me to get more perspective on what changes I wanted to make to my lifestyle etc. - so thank you for pointing me in the direction of these. I'm still knee deep in book suggestions from Fleur 😉


Finally, the 1:1 sessions were amazing; personal, focussed and sensitive. I really liked to combination of these with the group sessions, and Fleur, you were just awesome.

Katherine Fleming



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