We offer one on one private services, with bespoke coaching packages for those who want to have personalised support and dedicated space to help you connect, explore and grow at your own pace.

Personal development requires of ongoing work, support and effort in order to see long-lasting effects. It also requires time, which is why our private work is on a 6-month basis.



The secret to an effective, inclusive, creative, motivated, inspired, happier and engaged team?




A workplace is not just a building, it’s people, EMPLOYEES who come in every day and do their best. And every company has the responsibility to keep their employees motivated and engaged. A happy employee makes for a thriving workplace.


We help motivate, inspire and engage your employees. Assist them creating a meaningful, fulfilled life resulting in a better performing workplace.

Our deep understanding of the corporate and teaching world help us develop bespoke programs designed for individuals to both thrive and revive in life, resulting in increased employee engagement and workplace satisfaction.


Our programs are designed to:


  • Boost employee motivation

  • Increase employee confidence and performance

  • Align employee efforts with workplace’s working ethos

  • Enthuse and inspire employees to do better

  • Generate a stronger bond with the workplace

  • Generate stronger human connections

  • Provide deeper self-awareness

  • Re-connect employees with their inner joy

  • Increase workplace performance



NEXT COHORT STARTS ON SEPTEMBER 16TH 2022!  Check out our Events section to find our more details and hear from those who have joined us before. 

Our signature programme, Empowered to Thrive, is a 7-week live course designed to help you move from surviving to thriving. Reignite your life by letting go of limiting beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve you.

We will teach you about your mind and body and how it could be unconsciously holding you back.

Bringing the awareness and knowledge to help you move forward and start thriving in life.


The course offers:

  • Limited Spaces

  • 6 x 90 minute group coaching sessions (Mindset, Body-Heart-Mind Alignment, Momentum and Aligned Action) + Bonus Q&A session

  • Interactive sessions where attendees will experience first hand the principles of thriving, helping them cement learnings, with practical exercises to help fast-track growth and development

  • Access to exclusive group for accountability and resources



Teaming up with specialist in holistic well-being, we offer an immersive experience where you get to connect with yourself, with nature and like-minded people.

Including movement, such as yoga classes, and in-depth workshops so you can learn about how to work with your body, brain and soul to create a life full of meaning and happiness. To move from surviving to thriving. 

We also host bespoke retreats for companies who want to provide their employees with a safe environment to explore ways in which to grow and develop, to connect with their strengths and maximise their skillset so they become fully aware and capable of accessing their highest potential. 

Please reach out to find out ways in which our retreats can help you. 

Email us to find out about our next retreat or opportunities to host a bespoke one for you.